Immigration through education: overview of post study work visas in 10 countries
When talking to our clients, we often get questions on post-study work visas and immigration policies of various countries.

So we thought... why don't we compare countries with the friendliest immigration policies just like we compare study abroad programmes?
On February 13 you will learn about:
Post-study work visas in the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Russia, and Singapore.
A glimpse of life in these countries as well as salaries and even attitude towards foreign students!

Cost of Masters, Bacherlos, and Diploma programmes! And of course, entry requirements.

Open scholarships and how to apply for them. We will cover over 20 scholarships in total.
Nadezhda (Nad) Danilova
Bogota, Colombia
Coming from a cold Siberian town, Nadezhda managed to study in the USA on a full scholarship, start an international company, and help hundreds of people make the right study abroad choice.

Nadie believes in individualization, and that's why she is building TOP-5 the way that it helps anyone answer one of the most difficult questions: What and where should I study?

"The world is offering so many options, there is surely at least one that's right for you! Actually, we are aiming at 5."
Our Numbers
since August 2019
Consultations were held about study abroad options, career opportunities, and visa conditions.
Programme lists were made in such areas as pharmaceuticals, graphic design, analytical chemistry, international finance, and more.

Clients are studying in New Zealand, Canada, Germany, UK, and other countries.
Clients' reviews
I am VERY satisfied with the quality of the work.
I felt that the team was not just doing its job, but was genuinely interested in the best outcome for me.

Thank you for your initiative and support!
I am really surprised how structured and well presented your work is!
Thank you very much, Nadie and the team!
The selection of scholarships and universities meets my main goals and requirements! I am incredibly pleased that you have given me not only information and a selection of universities, but also a huge amount of motivation to achieve my goals.

I am glad that even after I received the selections, I can always ask you questions and you always answer. You are one of the kindest and most supportive people I have ever talked to!
Thanks a lot to the ALLYSTUDY team for their prompt work. I liked the details of the program list, as well as further advice and answers to all my questions. We were pleased with the careful elaboration of all individual aspects, wishes and readiness to respond quickly to any requests. Thank you for your individual approach!

It is also very nice that you are available 24/7, you provide the attention, respect, and support. We will definitely continue to work with you on admission!
Alex and Kate