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Your background, goals, and hopes for the future.
What matters to you?
Do you want to study for free? Do you want to work in the country of your studies? Or, is surfing after classes the only thing you care about?
Our technology allows our team to track more than 20 aggregators, government websites, and many other relevant resources in real-time. We also know education, labour, and immigration systems of different countries. We spend 3 business days matching you with the right 5 programs!
We present the results and discuss them with you: Is it what you expected? Until we hear "WOW!" we will continue our research. No additional fees are charged. You pay once, and we work till the job is done.
How we do it
Getting to know you
University and Programme Comparison.
What university is your number one and why?

Information on deadlines, tuition fees, and available scholarships.

Job opportunities, skill requirements, and immigration policies in the countries of your programs

Recommendations on how to increase your chances of getting a scholarship/discount and how to prepare all the application documents.
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Case Assessment
  • Individual List with programs and available scholarships
  • Personal Consultatioon
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Case Assessment
  • Individual List with programs and available scholarships
  • Personal Consultation
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The service we provide goes way beyond what study abroad agents offer for free. We don't SELL education abroad - we help you make the best decision about your future.
We are a team of researchers, career coaches, and study abroad experts. ALLYSTUDY was created to help people choose their study abroad programs based on THEIR criteria and not someone's marketing activities.
Nadezhda Danilova, ALLYSTUDY Co-Founder
Client reviews
I am VERY satisfied with the quality of the work.
I felt that the team was not just doing its job, but was genuinely interested in the best outcome for me.

Thank you for your initiative and support!
I am really surprised how structured and well presented your work is!
Thank you very much, Nadie and the team!
The selection of scholarships and universities meets my main goals and requirements! I am incredibly pleased that you have given me not only information and a selection of universities, but also a huge amount of motivation to achieve my goals.

I am glad that even after I received the selections, I can always ask you questions and you always answer. You are one of the kindest and most supportive people I have ever talked to!
Thanks a lot to the ALLYSTUDY team for their prompt work. I liked the details of the program list, as well as further advice and answers to all my questions. We were pleased with the careful elaboration of all individual aspects, wishes and readiness to respond quickly to any requests. Thank you for your individual approach!

It is also very nice that you are available 24/7, you provide the attention, respect, and support. We will definitely continue to work with you on admission!
Alex and Kate
How will you match me with my perfect study abroad program?
We analyze YOUR experience, education, budget, and future goals. Based on the outcome, we look for programs. Our main service is program lists, that's why we don't try to offer you something that costs more, we don't care about university commissions. We care about you.
It looks great, but who are you guys?
We are an international team of study abroad professionals working in New Zealand, Colombia, Russia, India, Germany, and Sweden! We are registered in New Zealand under RBS Intellect, NZBN: 9429041241868. Check out our Instagram.
I need help with enrollment/scholarship
We provide consulting services and organize courses about how to write motivation & recommendation letters, CVs, and other application documents. Submit your enquiry now.
What if my initial preferences for studying abroad have changed, and some programs from the final selection are no longer relevant?
We are always happy to discuss any changes. Most of the time we make changes for free.
I have no experience taking international language tests. Can I still request a list of my TOP-5 programs?
Yes, you can! It's not a problem since we specify which language test is best for you.
Our Numbers
since August 2019
Consultations were held about study abroad options, career opportunities, and visa conditions.
Programme lists were made in such areas as pharmaceuticals, graphic design, analytical chemistry, international finance, and more.

Clients are studying in New Zealand, Canada, Germany, UK, and other countries.

This is YOUR chance!

More than 20 aggregator platforms and 1000 uni partners
Careful research and data compilation by professional education advisers.
We are masters of Boolean Search and experts in education!
You first. ALWAYS
We do not offer programs that we have already found for other clients. We always look for what YOU need.
Our method works!
Hundreds of clients from more than 15 countries have received our TOP-5 list.
They study in Sweden, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Britain, and many other countries for free or with good discounts.